14 Day Summer Detox Program

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Mintmade Fashion (1).png

14 Day Summer Detox Program


Get Summer Ready – Skin, Body, and Mind with My Complete Summer Detox Program.


Summer is the season of life and energy. But do your feelings reflect that?


Is your body begging for help? Are you feeling exhausted? Do you have lackluster skin, and bags under your eyes?


STOP being controlled by the lack of energy, the low self-esteem and the extra pounds on your body. Your body and soul are begging for a transformation.


Let’s start from the inside and finish it up with beautiful, glowing skin. A strong spirit. A strong immune system. A strong body.


Are you ready!? Order today.


My 14-Day Summer Detox will help you obtain:

1)    Clearer skin

2)    Stronger nails

3)    Better sleep

4)    Boosted immune system

5)    Glowing, thick hair

6)    Fading anxiety & stable emotions

7)    Mental clarity

8)    More energy/focus to do the things you love to do

The program includes ALL you need:

  1. At-A-Glance Guide

  2. Recipes for Each Meal

  3. Suggested Meal Plan

  4. Shopping List

  5. Printable Food Diary

  6. Detox Wellness Kit— loads of info to help tailor program to you!

  7. Email access to me with any questions you might have :)

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