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The #1 Greatest Secret of a Happy Life


You are infinitely beautiful and the keys to divine happiness are inside you… right now.

That’s it.

Now on the face of it, that truth might seem too simplistic and perhaps unbelievable. Trust me, I understand. Each of us is on our own unique journey in this life, and we will come to self-acceptance in our own way and time.

However, I challenge you to open your mind for a moment.

Assume that you are exactly where you need to be, learning the lessons meant for you in this life and arriving on Earth filled with love and purpose.

All you require to reach a state of bliss is within. Quite the novel idea, huh?

It’s no wonder that after a lifetime of being subject to marketing propaganda has left us feeling— not enough.

Little girls and boys grow up seeing images of physical “perfection” plastered across billboards, glossy magazines, movies and TV shows. Women believe that long, beautiful hair, an hourglass shape, perfect makeup and sexy clothes will make them wanted. Men are told that they must be strong, hypermasculine, tall, wealthy and strapped with bulging muscles to be valued in society.

We all know that wealth + power yield respect in a culture where materialism is the game and being ahead of the rest is how you win. Or so we are brainwashed to believe.

Is it possible to be loved if you are overweight, poor, not conventionally attractive, lesiban/gay/bi/trans/queer, disabled, elderly or any other trait that is not fully represented as “ideal” and “normal? “


Your self-worth does not lie outside of you. I repeat: your self-worth does not lie outside of you.

What does this mean?

Unlike what conventional marketing will have you believe— there is no car, house, piece of clothing, jewelry, makeup, phone, computer, food, alcohol, vacation, decor etc… that can make you anymore worthy of love and joy than what you possess inside of you from the day you were born.

That also means that no job or career success, friends, relationship, marriage or children can make you anymore deserving of respect and love.

The secret to true and lasting happiness is that the rat race is a round track. If you live your life constantly chasing things and people and experiences that you believe are missing… you will never, ever feel complete.

We tend to obsess over what other people think of us, but they are too obsessed worrying about what you think of them! Our minds are filled with thoughts of “not enough” and hoping others do not judge us for our perceived lack.

The fact is that we are all sharing Mother Earth and the same challenges of life. We must not see our observable differences as faults, but rather as beauty. If every person looked, acted, dressed and pursued the same things we would be rather bored.

Ready to embody your truth? I challenge you to:

  1. Take time each day to sit in stillness. Whether it’s 2 minutes or 2 hours. Breathe fully through your belly and allow your ego mind to quiet. Do not attach to it’s thoughts as they are not your own.

  2. Write down 3 things every morning that you are grateful for in your life. Anything. Your dog, your toothbrush, the ability to walk or the air you breathe. Feel deep gratitute for what you have and focus on the fullness.

  3. Write down 3 things you love about yourself! This is a pretty uncomfortable practice at first for most people. After a life of picking yourself apart it is time to put yourself back together. Recognize all that makes you a beautiful, divine addition to the world and celebrate it!

  4. Become aware of your consumption habits. Often they are harder to spot as they become automatic. Be more mindful when you are spending money— are you buying those shoes to fill an inner void or in the hopes of receiving admiration from someone? Stop. Breathe. Decide if that is truly going to add value to your life or it’s another attempt to find happiness outside yourself.

  5. Do something every single day for yourself. Self-care does not have to cost money, and it’s not about splurging on manicures or trips you can’t afford. Self-care can mean going to bed early, saying “no” to things you don’t actually want to do, spending time cuddling your pet or taking a walk in nature alone to reconnect.

Self-acceptance and satisfaction with yourself and your life take time. Be kind to yourself as you do the inner work and nurture relationships and friendships that genuinely make you feel good and supported.

Affirmation: “ I love myself. I am worthy. My bliss lies within.”