My name is Jess Brandis.

I am a health coach, mom, entrepreneur, plant-based advocate & recipe creator.


I grew up in the Midwest (Milwaukee), and was raised on a diet heavy in meat, dairy and processed foods. As a child and into my teenage years I happily ate everything in sight, but never felt comfortable eating animals. This translated to on-and-off vegetarianism/veganism throughout my adulthood, but never a real commitment to the plant-based lifestyle.

Since I didn’t struggle with my weight, I presumed myself to be healthy. I never questioned what years of the Standard American Diet was doing to my body and mind. My journey to wellness was slow, full of bumps and imperfections— and that’s okay!

Over the last decade I have refined my cooking + baking skills, completely overhauled my diet to plant-based, increased my consumption of organics, trained in nutrition and learned to love good, nourishing food! If you come to my home, I will likely feed you as you walk through the door and send you off with goodies. I express my love through delicious food and want to show the world that delectable, healthy and cruelty-free meals are simple to make and accessible to ANYONE.

My coaching philosophy is that the client should lead the way and I act as your “guide on the side.” I am here to answer any questions, hold you accountable, encourage you and help provide small and sustainable changes. Many people believe that becoming healthy must be unenjoyable drudgery filled with lots of no’s. However, I believe in the Pareto Principle: 80% of your results come from 20% of the effort. Therefore we will start with simple shifts— like tracking water intake or cutting back on alcohol.

Last, I would like to emphasize that nutrition and fitness is only a small part of the equation. If your diet was “perfect” and you spend your days stressed, exhausted, lonely, distracted, unfulfilled, or disconnected from your life’s purpose then you cannot be truly healthy. Seeking holistic wellness is finding balance in all areas of your life and creating the vital body that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful decades to come! Part of my coaching program includes mindful practices, personal development and other useful resources/tools for soul-searching and reaching your unique happy place in this world.

Thank you for being here. If you are not ready for health coaching yet I invite you to stick around and take advantage of my lifestyle blog posts, free recipes, inspiration + more! We are in this together and I am here to help you love yourself well.